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Acting precision measuring instruments and measuring tools

Shenzhen Xin Teng Ming measuring instrument firm is a professional agent in Japan, the United States and Switzerland and other countries of all inspection with precision measuring instruments and measurement tools, anti-static products, providing customers with perfect service is our company business philosophy;

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Push force meter instructions

Push force meter instructions

Force gauges are mechanical measuring instruments for thrust and tensile tests. Push-pull gauges are available with pointers and digital displays, making operation easier and more convenient. Push-pull gauge is suitable for push-pull load testing in industries such as electronic appliances, light industrial textiles, construction hardware, lighters and ignition devices, fire-fighting equipment, pen making, lock making, fishing gear, power machinery, and scientific research institutions.

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Application of NAKANISHI Automatic Tool Change Spindle in Automation Equipment

The way to change the tool in the spindle is to stop the spindle, loosen the nut, and slide the chuck. The process is cumbersome. The automatic tool change spindle and manual quick tool change spindle can solve this problem (suitable for automated mass production processing).


Japan Nakamura preset type torque screwdriver

Long working fatigue-free handle design Japan Nakamura preset type torque screwdriver, set the required torque value and tighten, anyone can operate.


Use and maintenance of needle gauge

The needle gauge is a test tool for measuring the diameter of a round hole in a part.


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